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Preventative Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the practice of taking care of your teeth before problems happen. The keystone of preventive dentistry is home care. The best dentistry can be undone by bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. That’s why brushing and flossing is so critical to your ongoing health. Beyond that, there are certain things we can help with, such as sealants to prevent cavities in children and teens, fluoride trays or prescription gels to aid high-caries risk individuals, teaching proper hygiene. Having regular dental checkups is important to give us a chance to clean what you’ve not been able to and find problems while they are small. Preventative dentistry is the best way to take care of your teeth! Dr. Halls is more than happy to help you learn and take preventive measures to protect your teeth and keep them healthy. Children in particular need to learn good dental habits so that they will have the tools to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout their life. Preventive dentistry also includes eating a balanced diet that will allow your teeth and gums to stay strong. Because the mouth is such a vital part of the human body, practicing preventive dentistry will help keep the rest of your body strong too!