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Dentures and Partials

Dentures are removable replacement teeth for lost teeth and surrounding tissues. Complete dentures are made to replace a complete upper or lower jaw of teeth. As it takes months for the gums to be ready to accept a conventional denture, immediate dentures can be made from impressions in your mouth prior to tooth extraction. They are then given to you the day of surgery. That way you are never without teeth. These are generally relined after the gums have healed to provide you with the most accurate and comfortable fit.

Partial dentures are appliances made usually of metal and plastic to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. It is an economical way to replace multiple missing teeth when some teeth remain that can anchor the partial denture. They also prevent other teeth from changing position. While it does take time for patients to get used to their new dentures, confidence will come with the benefit of a strong, clean smile.

We often meet people that are surprised to find out that removable dentures should not be worn at night. The reasons for this include giving the gum tissue time to “breathe” and avoid fungal infections as well as maintaining more bony support under the denture. Too often we see people that request new dentures because they are not performing well anymore, only to find that there is no bone left to hold the dentures due to resorption sped up by nightly denture use.

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