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Dentures Vs. Implants

Some dentists only feel comfortable doing one or the other type of tooth replacement. The truth is that each case is unique, so we strive to take in all the information, combine that with your desires, and advise you on whether a bridge or an implant makes sense for you. Since we do both, you will get an honest assessment to make the right choice. Some of the advantages of each are listed below:

  • Often do not require any grinding on the surrounding teeth
  • Do not fail if surrounding teeth get cavities and cannot get cavities themselves
  • Increase the amount of support for strong chewing forces
  • Do not require teeth on each side of the space
  • Can be flossed normally, unlike bridges
  • Improved Speech
  • Improved Eating
  • Do not require a separate surgical procedure
  • Can provide a tooth immediately
  • Provides a crown that may strengthen adjacent teeth that have large fillings
  • Do not require bone grafting that may be needed to hold an implant